University Of Peshawar (UOP) Admission 2023

University Of Peshawar (UOP) Admission 2023 is now open, offering a pathway to a brighter future in the field of education. By applying for Admission 2023, your doors are open to a world of opportunities in the education sector, and this institution is well renowned for its excellence in medical field and hands-on training.

First come and be a part of this journey towards success and create a positive impact in your own life. Don’t wait, apply now before the October 02, 2023, deadline.

Don’t miss out this chance to embark on a fulfilling career path with University Of Peshawar (UOP) Admission 2023.

In simple term, UOP stand for University Of Peshawar (UOP).

Introduction Of University Of Peshawar:

Before we proceed with the details, let’s introduce about University Of Peshawar (UOP);


  • University Name; University Of Peshawar.
  • Location; UOP is located in Peshawar city, KPK Province of Pakistan.
  • Founding Year; University Of Peshawar (UOP) was established in 1950.
  • Academic Programs; UOP is well known for active involvement in social, medical, and natural sciences, having eight research centers located inside the campus of this institute.
  • Recognition and Accreditation; UOP is recognized and accredited by Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.
  • Facilities and Infrastructure; The university boasts modern facilities and infrastructure, including well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and clinical training centers, to support the education and training of its students.
  • Achievements and Rankings; In 2023, University Of Peshawar (UOP) ranked 801 position at global level and UOP is in 197 ranking position in Asia.
  • Mission and Vision; The vision of this institution is to become a global leader, offering a diverse and supportive learning environment, and achieving international recognition for research and creative discoveries in the field of leadership development for students.

University Of Peshawar (UOP) Admission 2023 Offering a course that we have highlighted in their admission advertisement. This course is also listed in the admission advertisement below for your convenience to get latest information.

  • M.Phil. Degree in Seerat Studies

Last Date For The University Of Peshawar (UOP) Admission 2023 :

The deadline for applying to The University Of Peshawar (UOP) Admission 2023 is 02 October 2023.

How to Apply:

You can apply by approaching the specified date and following the complete application procedure. This announcement informs all interested applicants that admissions are now open at University Of Peshawar (UOP).

And they can easily submit their form through the online application process. The application process is also detailed in their admission advertisement below. Interested applicants should visit their main website ( for more information.

If they need more help, they should visit the Admission Office of University Of Peshawar (UOP).

Here is the screenshot of how can apply by visiting the website.

Admission of UOP


To apply directly, click here


Get the opportunity to build a brighter future through education at University Of Peshawar (UOP) Admission 2023. Apply today and open a world of possibilities in the education sector in Pakistan.

Join this institute for more professional life experience in medical field. React now and save your spot before the October 02, 2023. Your fulfilling career path with UOP awaits!

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