All Pakistan Inter-University Content Creation Competition 2023

Join the creativity revolution at the All Pakistan Inter-University Content Creation Competition 2023! Once again, Virtual University takes the lead in offering a unique and revolutionary competition that brings together students from all across Pakistan.

It’s time for all students to showcase their talents and vie for victory. Various prizes await the winners. Last date for submission in 26 September 2023. Good luck to all the interested participants!

First, we will provide a brief introduction to Virtual University of Pakistan, and then we will explain about All Pakistan Inter-University Content Creation Competition 2023.

Introduction Of Virtual University of Pakistan:

Introduction Of Virtual University of Pakistan

Now we are going to provide a concise overview of Virtual University of Pakistan:

  1. Established in 2002, Virtual University is a prominent educational institution in Pakistan.
  2. It was founded by the Pakistani government, and it stood as the pioneer in the country for online education.
  3. Initially focusing on IT and computer science, the university has since expanded its program offerings to cover various academic disciplines.
  4. Virtual University developed the Learning Management System (LMS) to facilitate online learning, making education accessible to a wide audience.
  5. Over time, it has made significant contributions to the field of online education in Pakistan, effectively bridging the gap for those who couldn’t attend traditional brick-and-mortar institutions.
  6. The university’s dedication to academic excellence and a modern learning experience has made it a preferred choice for many students.
  7. Virtual University continues to adapt to changing educational needs and technologies, ensuring its students receive a contemporary and relevant education.
  8. Today, Virtual University of Pakistan remains a prominent institution, offering a diverse range of degree programs to students across the country.

This competition aims to create a creative environment for students, fostering an improvement in their mental approach and helping them become more creative in the future.

They can also win various prizes based on their talents. Here, we will provide detailed information about the All Pakistan Inter-University Content Creation Competition 2023.


  1. 1st Prize: Rs 200,000/-
  2. 2nd Prize: Rs. 100,000/-
  3. 3rd Prize: Rs. 50,000/-

Competition Themes:

  • Saving and Financial Planning
  • Investment and Compounding Magic
  • Mutual Funds Benefits
  • Stock Market Basics
  • Avoiding Investment Scams
  • Beware of Illegal Lending Apps
  • Significance of Life Insurance
  • Understanding Free Look Period
  • Investment Dos & Don’ts
  • Shareholders’ Rights & Duties
  • Diversifying Investment Risks
  • Retirement Planning & Pension Schemes

Competition Structure:

  • Form teams of 2 to 3 members.
  • Select a theme from the provided list.
  • Create a TikTok video on the chosen theme.
  • Ensure the videos are in Urdu.
  • Submit your videos in MP4 or MOV format.
  • Make sure the content is both engaging and informative.

Terms & Conditions For All Pakistan Inter-University Content Creation Competition 2023:

  • Open to all graduate and postgraduate students.
  • Consider creating one video per theme, although multiple themes are allowed.
  • TikTok videos should be vertical and no longer than 60 seconds.
  • Ensure content is original and complies with copyright and cultural norms.
  • Submit your entries via email to [email protected] by September 26, 2023.
  • For inquiries, contact us through the same email or WhatsApp at 0300-0656942.

Submit TikTok video via email with:

  • Video name and theme
  • Names & Student IDs of creators
  • Creators’ degree programs
  • Creators’ phone numbers

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In conclusion, Virtual University welcomes all students to the 2023 Content Creation Competition. Show your talent, win prizes, and be part of this creative journey. Remember the submission details, follow the rules, and good luck to all participants!

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