Relief in April | Energy Minister Announces Decreased Electricity Prices

The Federal Energy Minister, Awais Leghari, has revealed a noteworthy reduction in electricity costs for April power bills in comparison to the previous month providing a much-needed relief for customers suffering from inflation.

Leghari claims that the cost of energy per unit dropped by Rs3.83 in April and explains the drop to changes in fuel prices in US dollars as well as quarterly adjustments.

With the fuel price adjustment for April reduced to Rs4.92 from Rs7.6, and the quarterly adjustment falling to Rs2.75 from Rs4.43, power bills have significantly decreased by Rs1.68.

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Leghari confirmed the calculating process by stating that the cost of electricity generation in a given month is taken into account by the fuel price adjustment. He underlined that when fuel prices fall below the rate set by Nepra consumers will pay less for electricity.

The instruction issued by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to give national assistance top priority demonstrates the government’s dedication to reducing budgetary pressures.

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Nepra’s responsibility in establishing a 12-month reference tariff at the start of the year coupled with monthly fuel price modifications guarantees accountability and transparency in the pricing of electricity.

Although Nepra recently approved ex-Wapda power distribution businesses to collect more from customers, the April electricity price cut is a positive start towards relieving household financial burden.

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The goal of these changes is to lessen the impact that growing energy prices will have on the broader public even if they only apply to lifeline customers and electric vehicle charging stations.