Punjab Budget Increase Relief for Electricity Users By 300 Units

Punjab Budget to Increase Relief for Electricity Users with 300 Unit Increase. Plans for this program were presented at a news conference by Finance Minister Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman. It is expected to be approved in the next budget, and Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz will be in charge of carrying it out.

The Punjab government has found out intentions to roll out a unique package deal custom-designed for individuals making use of three hundred units of electricity. Punjab’s Finance Minister, Mujtaba Shujaur Rahman, told the media on Friday at the Punjab Assembly grounds that they are currently developing a program for people who use less than 300 units of energy.

This program will be submitted for approval in the upcoming 2024 and 2025 budgets, with Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz establishing an independent commission to guarantee its effective implementation.

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He continued to say that an astounding 2.5 crore Punjabi homes are classified as using 300 units or less of power annually. Since the increase in gas and electricity rates is directly related to federal government policy, PTI’s inefficiency is to blame for the increase in these expenses.

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As a result, Punjab’s economic system performs higher than the ones of different provinces, with first-rate upgrades observed in the tax system. He went on to say that 300 billion rupees had been set aside using the government as investment for these projects.

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