Government of Pakistan Announces Public Holiday for General Elections

A national public holiday has been established for February 8, 2024 by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in advance of the next General Elections.

To provide voters enough time to participate in the election process, the Election Commission announced the nationwide public holiday in an official notification that was made public today.

Further, the Punjab Provincial Cabinet had already acted proactively prior to this declaration by extending the holiday season for all the province’s schools. From February 6 to February 9, all Punjab educational institutions—public and private—will be closed.

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Considering that schools are closed from February 5 to February 9, the extended holiday period actually consists of a six-day break. When it comes to public holidays, February 5th is marked as Kashmir Day, while February 4th falls on a Sunday, which is often a day off.

The Election Commission and the Punjab Provincial Cabinet’s coordinated efforts highlight how crucial it is to create an atmosphere that encourages democratic engagement.

Authorities hope to preserve democratic values and guarantee a fair and transparent election by giving citizens the time and means to participate in the voting process. All eyes are on the electorate to appropriately utilize their political right and contribute to Pakistan’s democratic fabric as the country gets ready for the general elections on February 8.

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