Lahore High Court Orders All Private Schools to Re-Register

Lahore High Court orders immediate re-registration for all private schools. The Lahore High Court has mandated that private schools obtain buses for student transportation and re-register them.

The Lahore High Court’s Justice Shahid Karim delivered a written order after hearing petitions pertaining to the environment.

Additionally, private schools are required to purchase buses for their students. Of the children, fifty percent will take these buses to get from home to school.

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The directive stated that two years prior, the school education department was given the go-ahead to buy buses for private schools. The department did not, however, carry out this directive.

Additionally, the LHC has prevented the appropriate authorities from planting palm trees along the Islamabad–Lahore highway. The Member Judicial’s response, informing the court that the campaign to plant on rooftops has begun, was also acknowledged by the high court.

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