PSL 9 Goes Big Budget | Production Costs Soar to Rs. 1.15 Billion!

PSL 9 Goes Big Budget! Get the Latest News Here. The production of PSL 9 will cost Rs. 1.15 billion. The delay in obtaining TV production rights has resulted in a developing issue, barely 16 days before the commencement of Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 9.

The technical evaluation accounted for 60% of the marks in this process, with the remaining 40% being determined by the submitted financial bids. Only two businesses were left in the running after the company that had originally held the broadcast rights was eliminated during the technical review.

All three companies, according to sources, complained to the Grievance Committee, expressing a lack of confidence in the marking procedure. Shah Khawar, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) acting chairman, effectively mediated and settled the dispute.

All parties’ scores were revised after the hearing, and the corporation that had been earlier disqualified was given another chance. The company that came in second in the financial bid evaluation was then given more weight than the one with the lowest financial offer.

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Moreover, the production cost increased to around Rs. 50 million for the company that had first qualified based on its technical examination. An estimated Rs. 1.15 billion will be spent on production this year; Rs. 1.21 billion is projected for the following year. The franchises will pay for 95% of these expenses, which is a crucial point to highlight.

Additionally, formal complaints were sent to the committee by both sides, according to sources, who voiced issues about the bidding procedure from the outset. The number one business also had concerns regarding the monitoring that Director of Commercial Babar Hamid’s bid committee was providing.

It is important to remember that the PSL’s production costs last year were Rs. 1.169 billion, of which 95% were paid for by the franchises and the remaining 5% by PCB.

The PSL’s ninth edition, meanwhile, is scheduled to begin on February 17 at Lahore’s Gaddafi Stadium and go through March 18.

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