Pakistan Announced Zakat, Sadaqah-e-Fitr, and Fidya Rates for 2024

Dr. Mufti Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali, the chairman of the Shariah Board Pakistan, announces Zakat, Sadaqah-e-Fitr, and Fidya Rates for 2024. This Notify Pakistan webpage offers all types of news, in detail about Pakistan’s Announced Zakat, Sadaqah-e-Fitr, and Fidya Rates.

Pakistan posted the rates for Zakat, Sadaqah-e-Fitr, and Fidya for 2024, laying the basis for the nation’s every-year commitments to giving and charity. These rates are of importance because they are an essential component of Islamic culture and help to promote social welfare and fair economic distribution across communities.

The declaration demonstrates Pakistan’s dedication to respecting religious values and meeting the everyday needs of its people, making sure that those who can afford it give to the development of the people in need. These figures provide Muslims all around Pakistan with a structure for carrying out their religious duties and making positive contributions to society.

Creating Use of the establishment of specific regulations for Sadaqah-e-Fitr, Fidya, and Zakat, the government hopes to simplify the giving of donations and charity while encouraging an understanding and giving culture among its people. Such programs not only help people feel more connected to one another, but they are also essential in eliminating poverty and injustice. They are a reflection of Pakistan’s continuous efforts to advance social justice and unity under Islamic principles.

Fidya Amount Rates 2024 in Pakistan:

For those who are not able to fast in the obviously of Ramadan due to contamination, old age, pregnancy, or different ideal motives, Fidya amounts can be supported in Pakistan in 2024. Fidya is a price that human beings can pick out to feed the ones in need as well than fasting. The specific amounts for Fidya vary depending on the region and the cost of essential food items. In Pakistan, for the year 2024, the Fidya amounts for various food items are as follows:

Item Fidya Amount per Roza Fidya Amount for 30 fasts
Wheat Rs300 Rs9,000
Barley Rs600 Rs18,000
Dates Rs2,400 Rs72,000
Raisins Rs4,400 Rs132,000

The amounts are meant to sustain those in need for the duration of the fasting month and are calculated employing the average cost of these food products. It’s crucial to remember that the amounts could differ somewhat based on regional conditions and going rates. Fidya is normally paid before Ramadan ends to guarantee that those in need get help as soon as possible.

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Fitrana Amount in 2024:

Fitrana amounts in Pakistan are set up in 2024 for Zakat al-Fitr, the required charity that Muslims donate after Ramadan, the month in which they fast. The cause of fitrana is to help the much less fortunate with the intention of participating in Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. The Fitrana amount is normally given on behalf of every household member, including adults and dependent children, and is determined by considering in the price of basic food items.

The Fitrana amounts for various food items are as follows for the year 2024 in Pakistan,:

Item Fitrana Amount per Person
Wheat Rs300
Barley Rs600
Dates Rs2,400
Raisins Rs4,400

These amounts aim of these amounts is to ensure that those in need can enjoy the joyous occasion of Eid by providing enough money for a single meal per individual. In order to guarantee timely distribution to those in need, fitrana is normally paid before Eid prayers. It’s crucial to remember that Fitrana amounts are established to make sure the basic requirements of the less fortunate are covered during the holiday season, however, they may fluctuate slightly depending on local conditions and market prices.

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Pakistan’s Kaffarah Amount in 2024:

Giving food to those in need is considered to be completing Kaffarah by Islamic beliefs. This includes providing two dinners to sixty deserving people in total. Following these standards, the prices of Kaffarah for different kinds of food are as follows:

Food Item Quantity Cost
Wheat Flour 2 kilograms Rs18,000
Barley 4 kilograms Rs36,000
Dates 4 kilograms Rs144,000
Raisins 4 kilograms Rs264,000

People are able to fulfil their Kaffarah commitment in a way that shows kindness and generosity towards people who are less fortunate by following these recommendations.

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The amount of Zakat:

Muslims must donate some of their income, known as zakat, to support the less fortunate. Its goals are to help those in need and ensure that everyone’s wealth is distributed equally. This indicates how crucial it is to treat people in the Muslim community with kindness and compassion. The Ministry of Pakistan Welfare and Social Security’s Zakat regulations for the year 2024 have been developed in this table in all detail.

Criteria Details
Minimum Zakat Amount Rs135,179
Applicable Accounts Savings accounts/profit and loss sharing (PLS) accounts with a balance of Rs135,179 or more
Zakat Rate 2.5% of the total account balance

Muslims uphold the principles of Islamic faith and ethics while also contributing to the general well-being and prosperity of society through the fulfillment of their Zakat commitments.