Currency Exchange Rates in Pakistan Today – Latest USD to PKR Rate | June 26, 2024 (Wednesday)

The NotifyPakistan portal provides you the updated currency exchange rate in Pakistan for both Inter Bank and Open Market. On this portal, you will find the latest currency rates in Pakistan for the all key currencies including US Dollar Rate in Pakistan today.

Inter Bank Currency Exchange Rates in Pakistan:

The Inter Bank is platform where banks and financial institutions trade currencies among themselves. It operates electronically and is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Inter Bank exchange rates are typically lower than open market rates and are used for large transactions, such as those involving businesses, governments, and financial institutions.

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Here are the Inter Bank Currency Exchange Rates updated on 26 June 2024 03:30 PM (PST):

Today Latest Inter Bank Currency Exchange Rates Today in Pakistan

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Open Market Currency Exchange Rates in Pakistan:

The open market, also known as the currency market or forex market, refers to the informal sector where individuals and small businesses exchange currencies. It operates physically in designated areas like money changers, exchange companies, and street markets. Exchange rates in the open market are influenced by factors like supply and demand, economic conditions, and geopolitical events. These rates are often higher than Inter Bank rates due to additional charges and commissions applied by money changers.

Here are the Open Market Currency Exchange Rates updated on 26 June 2024 03:30 PM (PST):

Today Latest Open Market Currency Exchange Rates

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Disclaimer: Please note that we do not operate as a currency exchange business or have any connections to currency exchange dealers. For the benefit of the public, we uphold accuracy by promptly updating currency exchange rates obtained from numerous reliable sources. These are simply indicative prices as currency rates are subject to minute-by-minute fluctuations. We bear no responsibility or liability of any kind regarding any transactions that are based on these prices.