Pakistan Elections 2024 ISPR Praises Largely Peaceful Conduct | Credits Military Support

The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) thanked the country as a whole for the largely peaceful conduct and violence-free Pakistan Elections 2024. With regard to the largely orderly and violence-free conduct of the general elections, ISPR expressed its sincere congratulations to the country.

The military and other “Law Enforcement Agencies are proud to have played a pivotal role in providing security during the conduct of the sacred electoral process, in aid of civil power, and in accordance with Pakistan’s constitution,” in the statement that followed.

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The military’s media wing claimed that a safe and secure atmosphere for the general population was guaranteed by the deployment of thousands of army personnel, civil defense units, and over 7800 Quick Response Force (QRF) contingents at over 6,000 of the most crucial polling places. On the other side, the acting prime minister congratulated and thanked the country for a smoothly run general election on Thursday, 2024.

He declared, “I am grateful for the work done by the election staff, police, and media to ensure a free and fair election process.”