Islamabad! Several Illegal Buildings Sealed in Two Housing Societies

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) took decisive action and has 26 illegal buildings sealed in two private housing societies in Islamabad due to the violations of construction bye-laws. These measures were necessary to uphold regulatory standards and ensure the safety and integrity of urban development in the city.

The CDA’s Building Control Section has undertaken the responsibility of coordinating the closure of 9 buildings in Ghori Town and 17 buildings in Soan Garden subsequent to the discovery of significant regulation violations.

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The owners of the sealed buildings have also received notifications, according to a CDA spokesman, requiring the illegal structures on their lands to be demolished.

According to Capital Development Authority, “This operation is part of efforts targeting numerous housing projects and unauthorized developments within urban areas initiated by the CDA.

It is important to note that numerous private housing societies have converted land designated for parks, graveyards, and other essential purposes into residential and commercial parcels, thereby encroaching upon the areas allocated for these specific functions.

This encroachment not only violates the designated land use regulations but also deprives communities of vital amenities and spaces intended for their well-being and cultural needs.

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Such actions underscore the pressing need for stricter enforcement of land zoning laws and greater oversight to safeguard the integrity of urban planning and preserve public resources for the collective benefit of society.