HEC Talent Farming (GRE Training) for PhD Scholarships in Pakistan

Prepare yourself for higher education with HEC Talent Farming (GRE Training) for PhD Scholarships in Pakistan. Get ready for higher education opportunities with comprehensive online GRE training.

Before proceeding further, let’s first introduce Talent Farming;

What is Talent Farming?

  • It identifies and develop talented individuals in various fields.
  • It focuses on academia, sports, arts, and other areas requiring exceptional skills.
  • Aims to maximize potential through specialized training and resources.
  • Follows a systematic approach to identify, develop, and promote talent for outstanding results.

Introduction to HEC Talent Farming (GRE Training) for PhD Scholarships in Pakistan:

  • Talent Farming helps Pakistani graduates prepare for university entrance exams like GRE and TOEFL.
  • GRE (General) Training is part of this initiative.
  • GRE–General training: 40 hours conducted by US–PAK Knowledge Corridor.
  • 25 comprehensive GRE Training sessions held in 8 cities in Pakistan.
  • Cities: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Muzaffarabad (AJ&K).
  • Training conducted by USEFP approved trainers.

Who Can Apply:

Potential scholars aiming for a PHD scholarship under “US – Pak Knowledge Corridor” are encouraged to apply.
Applicants should meet scholarship criteria and commit to PHD studies under this HEC initiative.

Eligibility Criteria for Talent Farming (GRE Training):

  • Pakistani/AJK nationals
  • Minimum 4 years bachelor’s degree (B.S/B.Sc./B.E/16 years formal education)
  • No 2nd and 3rd Division in academic career
  • Age limit: 38 years for regular Government employees, faculty members, and researchers 33 years for all others.
  • Not availing any HEC scholarship
  • Previous training recipients are ineligible to apply
  • Note: A concessional fee of Rs. 2,500 (for online training) is charged; the remaining cost is covered by HEC.

Application Submission:

Registration is open and click here to get more information.

Conclusion Of Talent Farming (GRE Training):

In conclusion of this article, Talent Farming (GRE Training) as part of the US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor initiative. It helps Pakistani graduates prepare for GRE and TOEFL exams, essential for pursuing higher education in the U.S. The training is conducted online, featuring 40 hours of instruction in various Pakistani cities by USEFP-approved trainers.

Eligibility criteria include being a Pakistani/AJK national with a 4-year bachelor’s degree and meeting age requirements. The training fee is partially covered by HEC, and candidates aiming for PhD scholarships under the Knowledge Corridor initiative are encouraged to apply.

Important FAQs Of HEC Talent Farming (GRE Training) for PhD Scholarships in Pakistan:

1. Will the training be conducted online or in physical classrooms?

Ans: The GRE (General) Training is conducted online.
2. What are the benefits of GRE (General) Training?

Ans: GRE (General) Training helps you prepare effectively for the GRE examination, a crucial step for pursuing higher education in the U.S. It enhances your test-taking skills and increases your chances of success.
3. Why should I consider GRE (General) Training?

Ans: Scores on the GRE (General) are frequently needed for entrance to US universities. You must come out of this program with the skills and information need to do well on the exam.
4. Does the training have any financial assistance?

Yes, there is financial assistance. The training fee is partially covered by HEC, with participants required to pay a concessional fee.
5. How do I pay the training fee?

Ans: Details about payment methods and instructions for the training fee will be provided to participants upon registration.
6. What is the format of the GRE (General) Training program?

Ans: The training is conducted online, offering flexibility and convenience for participants to access course materials and engage in interactive sessions.

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