Government Measures for a Stable Gas Sector

The decision targets various gas sector issues like theft and infrastructure problems, while also requesting a report on price increases. The Iran gas pipeline is to be monitored, and obstacles in the track and trace system are addressed.

Efforts focus on countering fake news and supporting electronic media for national development. Recent discussions by the PBA delegation highlighted concerns over gas price hikes, prompting government instructions to monitor gas company performance closely.

The Prime Minister’s expressed concerns about recent gas price increases signal government awareness. The Ministry of Energy is tasked with monitoring gas companies to ensure accountability and efficiency.

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Directives to assess gas company performance aim to identify strengths and weaknesses for targeted improvements. Additionally, a report on gas appliances within a month underscores a commitment to safety and quality standards.

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The directives aim to streamline operations and address pressing concerns within the gas sector. By promoting transparency and accountability, the government seeks to build consideration among stakeholders.

Continued collaboration between governmental entities, regulatory bodies, and industry stakeholders is crucial for development. Proactive measures, such as monitoring performance and promoting transparency, drive innovation and growth in the energy sector.

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