Expected Suzuki Cultus Prices Increase in Pakistan after New Sales Tax

Breaking News about the expected Suzuki Cultus Prices surge in Pakistan! The Auto Industry is facing difficult time due to falling sales, soaring prices, and rising inflation, and now the government has added an additional sales tax, which is bad news for both buyers and sellers.

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Pakistan’s auto industry has been in serious straits for quite some time, and small cars like the Suzuki Cultus are becoming more expensive due to the new sales taxes.

The locally made cars are subject to a 25 percent sales tax, targeting four-wheelers priced at Rs 4,000,000 or more or those with engines over 1400cc.

Pakistanis would now have to pay more money in order to get a new car due to the new taxes. All major brand cars, including Suzuki, Toyota, and Honda, will be subject to the new tax laws.

Expected Suzuki Cultus Prices in Pakistan:

Model Current Price (PKR) Expected Price (PKR)
Suzuki Cultus VXL 4,084,000 4,326,000
Suzuki Cultus AGS 4,366,000 4,625,000
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