NA-71 Controversy: Rehana Dar Challenges Khawaja Asif’s Election Win

In NA-71, Rehana Dar, an independent candidate, challenges PML-N leader Khawaja Asif’s victory in recent elections, marking a significant development.

Rehana Dar, mother of Usman Dar and NA-71 contestant, files a challenge against Khawaja Asif’s win and the authenticity of Form 45 in Lahore High Court.

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The appeal to the court seeks two main objectives: transparency by aligning results with authentic Form 45 and preventing interference from the Election Commission.

This legal action highlights the ongoing scrutiny over electoral processes, especially concerning irregularities, and underscores individuals’ determination, like Rehana Dar, to uphold democratic integrity.

The crux of the challenge alleges Khawaja Asif declared victory using Form 45, accused of manipulation and electoral fraud, countered by Rehana Dar’s evidence.

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