University Of Haripur UOH Admission Spring 2024 Online Apply For BS Degree Programs

University Of Haripur UOH Spring Admission 2024 for multiple undergraduate degree programs have announced. Curious about what courses and programs, the University Of Haripur UOH is offering for the year 2024? Find out here, along with how to apply online and the last date for online submission.

University Of Haripur UOH Overview:

The University of Haripur UOH, a beacon of academic excellence, is committed to fostering a transformative learning environment that cultivates intellectual curiosity, research prowess, and societal impact.

  • Mission:
    • Driven by an unwavering mission to empower individuals to become leaders and innovators, UOH imparts comprehensive knowledge, instills ethical values, and nurtures entrepreneurial spirit, shaping its graduates into catalysts of positive change.
  • Vision:
    • UOH envisions a future where its graduates stand as beacons of knowledge, innovation, and social responsibility, shaping a brighter and more prosperous Pakistan.

Courses Considered for UOH Admission 2024:

Apply now for exciting undergraduate Degree programs offered by UOH Admission 2024!

Here are the following undergraduate programs in:

  1. B.Ed (Hons) in Education
  2. BCS degree in Computer Science
  3. BS degree in Software Engineering
  4. BS degree in Sports Sciences & Physical Education
  5. BS degree in Mathematics
  6. BS degree in Environmental Sciences
  7. BS degree in Artificial Intelligence
  8. BS degree in Zoology
  9. BS degree in Surgery Technology
  10. BS degree in Public Health
  11. BS degree in Anesthesia Technology
  12. BS degree in Agricultural Biotechnology
  13. BS degree in Business Administration
  14. BS degree in Chemistry
  15. BS degree in Biochemistry
  16. BS degree in International Relations
  17. BS degree in Islamic & Religious Studies
  18. BS degree in Radiology
  19. BS degree in Political Science
  20. BS degree in Forestry
  21. BS degree in Botany
  22. BS degree in Food Science & Technology
  23. BS degree in Climate Change
  24. BS degree in Psychology
  25. BS degree in Microbiology
  26. BS degree in English
  27. BS degree in Public Administration
  28. BS degree in Banking & Finance
  29. BS degree in Human Diet & Nutrition
  30. BS degree in Agriculture
  31. BS degree in Geology
  32. BS degree in Economics
  33. BS degree in Physics

Eligibility Criteria:

All details, including guidelines and eligibility criteria, are present in the attached UOH admission advertisement. For more information, you can visit their official website:

University Of Haripur UOH Admission 2024 Online Apply:

Here is the link to visit UOH official website for online apply;

Click Here To Apply Online

University Of Haripur UOH Admission 2024 Last Date:

Deadline: The last date to apply to the University Of Haripur UOH Admission 2024 is February 09, 2024.

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Important FAQs about University Of UOH Admission 2024:

What courses and programs are offered at UOH Admission 2024?

Comprehensive undergraduate programs in Education, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Sports Sciences, Mathematics, Environmental Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Zoology, Surgery Technology, Public Health, Anesthesia Technology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Biochemistry, International Relations, Islamic & Religious Studies, Radiology, Political Science, Forestry, Botany, Food Science & Technology, Climate Change, Psychology, Microbiology, English, Public Administration, Banking & Finance, Human Diet & Nutrition, Agriculture, Geology, and Economics.

What are the eligibility criteria for UOH Admission 2024?

All details are mentioned in the advertisement, which is also available on the UOH website:

How can I apply for admission to UOH Admission 2024?

You can apply online at the UOH website:

What is the last date to apply for UOH Admission 2024?

The last date to apply for the UOH Admission 2024 is February 09, 2024.

University Of Haripur UOH Admission 2024 Advertisement!

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