PTA Plans to Allocate an Unlicensed 6 GHz Band for Wi-Fi 7 in Pakistan

PTA planning to use an Unlicensed 6 GHz Band for Wi-Fi 7 in Pakistan, which will offer sufficient bandwidth to support the advanced Wi-Fi 6E and the next generation Wi-Fi 7 in Pakistan.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has accepted that frequent congestion in the frequency channels currently used for Wi-Fi compromises service quality.

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For Wi-Fi 6E, the license-exempt 6 GHz spectrum provides plenty of capacity and clearer channels. The introduction of the most recent Wi-Fi standard is required for the best possible wireless experience due to its adoption by well-known manufacturers and the emergence of ideas such as Metaverse. Due to its ability to handle data-intensive requirements, Wi-Fi 6E is essential for cloud-based apps and streaming services.

The Wi-Fi plays an imperative role in the telecommunications infrastructure, PTA will move decisively to ensure that Wi-Fi technology in Pakistan is secure going forward and in line with global trends. The possible designation of the 6 GHz spectrum for usage without a license is one of the most important developments that lie ahead. With this change, there will be sufficient bandwidth to accommodate both the advanced Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 the next generation Wi-Fi.

It offers substantial bandwidths and clearer, non-overlapping channels. Pakistan wants to be in line with international advancements in wireless technology. PTA will also keep a careful eye on the commercial availability of devices – including routers, laptops, access points, and more – that support Wi-Fi 6E. This is a critical stage in identifying the best spectrum band and related specifications in the 6 GHz range. The field tests were conducted to make sure that other services using the 6 GHz spectrum could coexist.

PTA is also taking into account upcoming Wi-Fi technology generations, such Wi-Fi 7. Significantly higher speeds, reduced latency, and support for an increasing number of linked devices are anticipated from these developments, which will be essential for the changing digital environment.These proactive measures by putting Pakistan at the forefront of wireless connectivity, to enable its people and companies to fully utilize cutting-edge wireless technologies in the years to come.

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