UAE Announces 4 Types of Residence Permits for Work & Residency

There are four different categories of UAE Residence Permits announced for foreign nationals, as detailed by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).  The variation in length of stay for the residence permits depending on Residency Type, the duration’s range from Two to Ten Years in the United Arab Emirates.

Types of UAE Residence Permits / Visas:

These residency permits include the standard Employment Permit, Golden visa, Green visa, and Auxiliary Services Employee Permit. The conventional employment permit is issued to foreign nationals engaged in the private sector, government agencies, and free zones. On the other hand, the “Green Residence” is designated for skilled professionals and is valid for a five-year duration. Moreover, the Golden Visa is extendable for up to ten years and is designated for individuals employed in auxiliary services or domestic roles.

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Standard Work Visa:

The digital government of the United Arab Emirates has emphasized the accessibility of regular employment permits, commonly referred to as standard work visas. These permits, typically valid for a duration of two years, are available for foreign nationals intending to work within the government, the business sector, or in designated free zones across the country. This streamlined process ensures that individuals seeking employment opportunities in various sectors can easily navigate the necessary bureaucratic procedures to obtain the required authorization for their work endeavors. The digital administration of the United Arab Emirates has indicated that an expatriate can obtain a conventional employment permit, ordinarily valid for a span of two years, provided they are employed within the governmental sphere, the corporate sector, or within a designated free zone.

Golden Visa:

The Golden Visa is a permanent residency programmer that gives certain foreign nationals living in or planning to relocate to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the ability to live, work, invest, and study there without the help of a host or sponsor, along with other exclusive benefits. This “permanent residency” is good for a period of ten or five years.

The “Golden Residency” is open to investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, talents, pioneers in the field of humanitarianism, specialists, early students and graduates, and the first line of defense.

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Green Residence Visa:

Starting from 2021, individuals will have the opportunity to access the UAE residency through the Green Residential Permit, granting them extended stays. Notably, sponsorship from an employer, host, or guarantor will not be required for obtaining this permit, which boasts a validity period of five years. Furthermore, permit holders will have the option to renew their residency every five years post-expiration. This permit is open to skilled workers, self-employed, and private sector workers.

For self-employed and private sector employees to qualify for the Green Residential Permit, they must meet three prerequisites. Firstly, they must secure approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization for freelance or special work permit. Secondly, they should have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree program, a specified diploma course, or relevant qualification. Lastly, they must exhibit sufficient financial stability to sustain themselves throughout their stay in the country which must be an annual income from self-employment that is not less than 360 thousand dirhams or equivalent foreign currency.

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There is also the potential for a skilled worker to secure a “UAE Green Residence” for employment, contingent upon fulfilling four criteria, which are outlined as follows: To be eligible for a work permit within the country under a valid employment agreement, one must belong to the skilled worker category at either the first, second, or third professional tier within the approved classification of occupations by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization.

Moreover, it is requisite to possess at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent qualification, and the monthly salary should not fall below fifteen thousand dirhams or its equivalent in foreign currency.