Top 5 Countries Offering Quickest Residence Permits

Learn about popular residency programs for wealthy individuals in various countries through this informative essay. Explore many options for obtaining residency, such as the alluring investment opportunities in Montenegro, the Elite Residency Program in Thailand, and the Residence Permit by Investment program in Austria.

Learn about the United Arab Emirates’ steps to entice investors, as well as the speedier and less expensive residence option in Latvia. Whether you seek residency or investment opportunities, this essay provides insightful information about what each country offers.

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The government of Montenegro, whose economy is among the fastest growing, encourages investors and gifted people to invest in it by providing them with an alluring residency program. The plan offers the choice of investing in a legal business or buying real estate, albeit there is no minimum value specified.

To do this, you would need to establish and register a legal corporation in the nation, open a bank account, rent or buy office space for your company, and buy or rent residential property for your use. The projected annual operational prices of the employer are €3000 (about USD 3,240).


A brilliant choice for foreigners and investors looking to emerge as citizens of Thailand is the Elite Residency Program. There are four options available the Gold Membership, the Reserve Membership, the Diamond Membership, and the Platinum Membership.

For the Gold card, a minimal investment of THB 900,000, or almost US $26,000, is required. The application for this five-year privilege entrance visa can be completed in one to two months.

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Austria, a developed country, has a lot to offer investors wishing to apply for resident permits. Aspiring investors must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the nation’s Residence by Investment program.

These consist of having €40,000 (more or less US $43,600) in cash in a financial institution account (which will increase depending on the size of the circle of relatives), proving that they very own or lease an everlasting house, having non-public medical insurance, and having validated German language proficiency. It takes one to three months to process the application.


The residence program provided through Latvia is the various maximum less expensive and rapid in the European Union. The least costly option is to make investments as low as €60,000 (approximately US $65,400) in a Latvian enterprise that can pay €forty,000 a year.

After their application is permitted, which generally takes one to a few months, buyers are anticipated to fly to the state within three months to pick out up their 5-12 months residency visa.

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United Arab Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates, a nation with a large expat population, has long drawn investors and businesspeople. Since there isn’t usually a path to citizenship in the nation, residents can apply for residency. Among the various types of investments are those made in real estate, publicly traded companies, and company formation.

A financial initiative that fees more or less AED 500,000 (kind of US $135,000) is linked to an authorized incubator within the United Arab Emirates and is eligible for minimal funding. One of the quickest and most honest routes to a residency allow is to submit an application, a good way to be processed in about one month.