Punjab E-Bike and E-Rickshaw 2024 | Now Available with Interest-Free Installments in Punjab

Breaking News about Punjab E-Bike and E-Rickshaw 2024. The “Green Wheels” programme, introduced by Punjab’s caretaker chief minister, Mohsin Naqvi, is a progressive endeavour that aims to promote environmentally friendly transportation across the province by offering 10,000 electric bikes and rickshaws to the public at competitive rates, free of interest.

In his media appearance, Naqvi emphasised the initiative’s salient features, such as the 2,000 electric tricycles that will be given out free of charge to deserving recipients. Two thousand more electric motorcycles are reserved for government workers, and two thousand more will be given away free of charge to women who work in government and the commercial sector.

The statement is noteworthy since it forbids the government from purchasing petrol bikes, marking a significant change in procurement practices.

Naqvi stressed that government agencies will only buy electric bikes from now on, following the global movement towards eco-friendly and sustainable modes of transportation.

The province government’s commitment to tackling environmental issues and advancing sustainable practices is demonstrated by this effort. The Interim Chief Minister urged people to seize the chance, stressing how everyone’s actions will help Punjab become greener and cleaner in the future.

The introduction of the electric vehicle initiative is expected to take place in the upcoming weeks, which will be a major turning point in Punjab’s dedication to sustainable growth and environmental stewardship.

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