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PFTP Scholarships and Internships is a transformative initiative empowering scholars in Pakistan through scholarships, internships, and national certification courses. PFTP bridges the educational divide, providing youth with the skills and opportunities to succeed in today’s competitive world. Join PFTP and embark on a journey of education and empowerment! Here is all contact detail about how to apply for this is given below?


The Professional Freelancing Training Program (PFTP) has emerged as a light of hope in Pakistan, aiming to transform education and equip the youth with necessary skill sets. The project, which gained major government support, intends to create great opportunities for both Scholars and Interns, bridging the educational divide in the Pakistan.

PFTP Scholarships and Internships: Bridging the Educational Gap

  • PFTP is more than an instructional program; it is a change agent.
  • Recognizes the importance of developing youth talent.
  • Serves as a link between researchers and interns and a variety of opportunities.
  • Significantly contributes to the government’s aim of equal educational opportunities for all.

Empowering Tomorrows: PFTP Scholarships and Internships

  • The Scholarship Program, which is aimed to improve the educational experience of enrolled students, lies at the heart of PFTP’s concept.
  • The program serves as a launchpad, providing a platform for these brilliant minds to secure additional scholarships. This not only recognizes their efforts but also propels them towards a future filled with even more opportunities.

National Certification Courses: Crafting Futures in Diverse Domains

  • The backbone of PFTP lies in its comprehensive national certification courses, catering to the dynamic needs of the industry.
  • From website development to emerging technologies, accounting, marketing, apps development, video editing, and freelancing tracks, PFTP ensures that its students are equipped with the skills that define success in today’s competitive world.
  • The courses, spanning three months, are conducted through online and Zoom classes, making education accessible to all.

How to apply for PFTP Scholarships and Internships?

All contact information about how to apply for this is given below.

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  • Classes Mode: online and zoom
  • ????????????????????????????: or click here
  • ???????????????????? ????????: [email protected]
  • Apply: or click here
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Conclusion of PFTP Scholarships and Internships:

  • In conclusion, PFTP Scholarships and Internships stands not just as an educational program, but as a movement that is shaping the future of Pakistan’s youth.
  • By providing a platform for skill development, offering tangible incentives, and connecting students to a world of opportunities, PFTP is, indeed, a catalyst for change.
  • As the enrolled students embark on their journey of education and freelancing, the impact of PFTP is not just on their individual lives but on the collective future of Pakistan.
  • For those aspiring to be part of this transformative journey, the doors are open, and the pathway to success starts at Join PFTP, where education meets empowerment, and dreams find their wings.

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PFTP Professional Freelancing Training Program | PFTP Scholarships and Internships

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