Pakistan Government Holds Petroleum Product Prices Steady for Next 15 Days

The caretaker government of Pakistan has extended the current (Petroleum Product Prices) prices of petrol and high-speed diesel for the next 15 days, while kerosene and light diesel oil prices have been reduced by up to Rs. 3.82 per liter.

In a strategic move to provide economic stability, the caretaker government has announced the extension of current prices for petrol and high-speed diesel over the next 15 days. Simultaneously, consumers can anticipate a significant reduction of up to Rs. 3.82 per liter in the prices of kerosene and light diesel oil.

The Ministry of Finance clarified that while there will be no alterations in the prices of petrol and high-speed diesel, a noteworthy decrease of Rs. 3.82 per liter has been implemented for both kerosene and light diesel oil.

According to the latest figures released by the Ministry of Finance:

Petrol will remain priced at Rs. 283.38 per liter.
High-Speed Diesel will maintain its rate at Rs. 303.18 per liter.
Kerosene witnesses a substantial decrease of Rs. 3.82, bringing it to Rs. 211.03 per liter.
Light Diesel Oil experiences a reduction of Rs. 3.40, now priced at Rs. 189.46 per liter.

Here is all data in table form for easy comprehension:

ProductOld Price (Rs./liter)New Price (Rs./liter)Change
High-Speed Diesel303.18303.180
Light Diesel Oil192.86189.46-3.40
his table shows the price comparison of petrol, high-speed diesel, kerosene, and light diesel oil before and after the adjustment. The prices of petrol and high-speed diesel have remained the same, while the prices of kerosene and light diesel oil have decreased.

Conclusion of Petroleum Product Prices:

The Ministry of Finance assures consumers that these current prices for petroleum products will be upheld for the upcoming 15 days, offering a degree of economic predictability in a time of fluctuating global conditions.

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