Government Announces Petrol and Diesel Price Hike 2024

The federal government declares petrol and diesel price hike for the last weeks of April 2024.

The reputable declaration from the finance ministry states that the price of petrol will upward push to Rs 293.94 a liter an increase of Rs. 4.53. Similarly a liter of high-speed diesel will set you back Rs 290.38, an increase of Rs 8.14.

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This increase comes closely on the back of the government’s significant boost in petrol prices by Rs. 9.66 per liter during the last fortnightly review on March 31. On the other hand, in the same review, high-speed diesel saw a minor decrease of Rs. 3.32 per liter.

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Particularly, the government currently charges a substantial Rs. 60 per liter petroleum fee, which is the highest amount allowed by the law at the moment and applies to both petrol and high-speed diesel.

Pakistan Petrol Price and Diesel in April 2024:

Products Existing price New price Increase/Decrease
MS (Petrol) 289.41 293.94 +4.53
High Speed Diesel (HSD) 282.24 290.38 +8.14

The most recent price changes are anticipated to influence industries, possibly affecting the cost of living for residents generally as well as transportation expenses. Watch this space for further developments on this developing narrative.

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