Passport Printing Resumes in Pakistan After Lamination Paper Shortage

Passport printing in Pakistan has resumed after a brief halt due to a shortage of lamination paper. The Interior Ministry has taken proactive steps to expedite passport delivery and address the backlog. Passport office timings have also been adjusted to improve service delivery.


Passport printing in Pakistan faced a major hiccup due to a shortage of lamination paper.
This disruption caused technical issues in passport offices nationwide, leading to a halt in new passport issuances.


  • Recently, the Director General of Immigration and Passports officially announced the resumption of passport printing.
  • The solution was attributed to the removal of technical hurdles, following the directives of the Interior Minister, Sarfaraz Bugti.
  • During the disruption, passport offices experienced glitches, resulting in a backlog of 700,000 unprinted passports.
  • The Directorate General has now received the lamination paper order, ensuring the necessary supplies for passport production.
  • The Interior Ministry took proactive steps, deploying extra machinery and staff to expedite passport delivery.
  • To address the backlog, authorities scheduled passport printing on both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Passport office timings have been adjusted across the country, operating from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm during the first four days of the week, with an earlier closure at 12:30 pm on Fridays.
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Conclusion Passport Printing Resumes in Pakistan:

The successful resolution of passport printing resumes in Pakistan ensures the timely issuance of travel documents.
Proactive measures by the authorities, including the lamination paper order and revised office timings, aim to streamline operations and enhance service delivery.
The resumption of passport printing is a positive step towards addressing the backlog and improving the overall process for those in need of travel documents.

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