Attention Owners of Aesthetic Center and Hair Transplant Clinic | Get Licensed with PHC!

Owners of Aesthetic Centers and Hair Transplant Clinics! They are required to sign up with the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHC) and obtain a license, much like all other healthcare centers, such as Aesthetic Centers where invasive, minimally invasive, or non-invasive tactics for beautification/cosmetics are done.

Registration is handiest executed online for which tips and all required facts are available on the Commission’s website Besides preferred necessities and documents, it is obligatory for classy facilities to completely comply with the required requirements for imparting aesthetic services in accordance with the Credentialing Pathways of Aesthetic Medical Practice in Pakistan supplied by using the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

These recommendations, except being available on PMDC’s internet site, are also available on the Commission’s website. Nondegree qualifications and training certificate have to be clear that handiest people registered with PMDC are eligible to provide college-accepted education diplomas or certificate courses.

The standard public is entreated to make sure earlier than present process any aesthetic middle or hair transplant sanatorium approaches that the clinics have received registration and license from the Punjab Healthcare Commission. All healthcare vendors are registered with PMDC and different applicable government.

Online Registration Process:

  • Visit for details & requirements.
  • Meet PHC & PMDC standards for qualified providers & procedures.
  • Register: Upload documents & pay fees conveniently.

Warning: Unauthorized individuals must right away shut down their illegal facilities.

The term ‘sanatorium’ have to by no means be used in the name of beauty salons. Cease the usage of unregistered products and gadget falling underneath the class of drugs straight away.

Contact Details:

For in addition statistics, visit the website of the Punjab Healthcare Commission Punjab Healthcare Commission 185-Ahmed Block, New Garden Town, Lahore, Email: [email protected], Free helpline for proceedings: 0800 00 742 SPL-246

For improvement in healthcare standards, go to the vibrant internet site www.Phc.Org.Pk or contact (03060843500) for any queries.

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Notification for Owners of Aesthetic Centers and Hair Transplant Clinics:

Notification for Owners of Aesthetic Centers and Hair Transplant Clinics