Oppo Find N3 Review | A Comprehensive Look at the New Foldable Smartphone with Images

The Oppo Find N3 is the company’s first foldable smartphone to be released globally. It features a unique horizontal design, powerful internal specifications, and an advanced camera system co-engineered with Hasselblad. Read our comprehensive review to learn more about its pros and cons, and whether it’s the right foldable device for you.


The Oppo Find N3 has been officially launched globally, marking the company’s debut in the international market for horizontal foldable devices. This device is positioned to compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.


Design and Display

  • The Oppo Find N3 follows the trend of shorter and wider book-style foldable smartphones.
  • Has a 6.31-inch AMOLED external display with a 2484 x 1116 pixel resolution.
  • A variable dynamic refresh rate between 10 and 120 Hz.
  • 7.82-inch internal display with a resolution of 2440 x 2268 pixels, supporting a dynamic refresh rate from 1 to 120 Hz.
  • Peak brightness of up to 2,800 nits for both displays.

Internals and Software

  • Powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, with 16 GB of LPDDR5X RAM and 512 GB of storage.
  • Runs on Android 13 with ColorOS 13.2 optimized for larger screens.
  • Supports displaying up to three windows simultaneously, enhancing multitasking capabilities.


  • Co-engineered with Hasselblad, the Find N3 boasts impressive camera capabilities.
  • Selfie cameras: 20MP inside and 32MP on the cover screen.
  • Rear camera system includes a primary 48MP sensor, 14mm f/2.2 ultrawide lens, and a 64MP zoom camera with 3x optical zoom.

Battery and Pricing

  • Equipped with a 4,805 mAh battery supporting 67W SuperVOOC charging, providing a full charge in 42 minutes.
  • Available in four colors with two distinct finishes.
  • Priced at €1,650 for the single configuration with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.
  • ₨ 276,760 International price: $935 Price updated on daily basis

Benefits to Buy

  • Impressive foldable design with high-quality AMOLED displays.
  • Powerful internal specifications for smooth performance.
  • Advanced camera system co-engineered with Hasselblad.
  • Versatile multitasking capabilities with support for displaying multiple windows simultaneously.

Buying Guide

Consider the Oppo Find N3 if you are looking for:

  • A foldable device with a unique horizontal design.
  • High-end specifications for performance and storage.
  • Enhanced camera capabilities, especially for selfies and zoom photography.
  • Advanced multitasking features for improved productivity.

Features Highlight

  • Innovative foldable design with two high-quality AMOLED displays.
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 16 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage for top-tier performance.
  • Co-engineered camera system with Hasselblad for impressive photography.
  • Multitasking features with the ability to display three windows simultaneously.

Comparison with Others

The Oppo Find N3 stands out with its horizontal foldable design, powerful specifications, and advanced camera system. When compared to other foldable devices, its unique form factor and feature set make it a strong contender in the market. For latest more Oppo phone information, click here.

Final Conclusion of Oppo Find N3:

The Oppo Find N3 is a compelling choice for users seeking an innovative and high-performance foldable device. With its distinctive design, powerful internals, and impressive camera capabilities, it competes strongly with other devices in the foldable smartphone category. The pricing reflects its premium features, making it a suitable option for users looking for a top-tier smartphone experience.

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