No Shawwal Moon Sighting in Saudi Arabia Eidul Fitr on April 10 | Eid 2024

The authorities of Saudi Arabia declared on Monday that it was unable to identify the Shawwal crescent indicating that Wednesday, April 10, would be the celebration of Eidul-Fitr the stop of Ramadan.

The Islamic calendar’s first day of Shawwal marks the conventional begin of Eidul-Fitr which marks the crowning glory of Ramadan’s month-long fast.

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Previously, the Saudi Supreme Court had urged human beings to inform the government after they spotted the moon. Beginning on 11 March 2024 Muslims will have a look at fasting from sunrise to sunset at some stage in the holy month of Ramadan.

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The 3-day of Eid ul Fitr in Saudi Arabia generally includes feasting group prayers get togethers and present giving.

In the interim, the Meteorological Office of Pakistan forecast that the Shawwal moon might be visible on April 9, meaning that Eid ul Fitr might start on April 10. The crescent moon was predicted by the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) to emerge on April 8 at 11:21 p.m. And to be 19 to 20 hours old using the Maghrib prayer the next day. On April nine, it turned into expected that the crescent could be visible for greater than 50 mins at sundown.

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