Apple to Release 118 New Emojis for iPhone Users in 2024

Exciting news for iPhone users! Apple is poised to introduce new emojis soon.

Apple is set to release 118 new emojis for iPhone users in the upcoming iOS 17.4 update, which include a lime, a phoenix, a brown mushroom, a broken chain, two head-shaking emojis, and four gender-neutral family emojis. Other emojis include modified versions of existing emojis, which include different colors or different directions of an emoji.

It is important to note that the previous list of emojis does not include any flag emojis. The flags included in the emojis are not geographical flags, but rather gesture flags and flags that consist of colors.

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These emojis are currently available to iPhone developers, while they are expected to be introduced to users with the iOS 17.4 update in March.

New Emojis for iPhone Users

This update is a follow-up to iOS 17.3, which was released earlier this month and fixed over a dozen bugs.

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