KP Mines Labor Scholarships 2024 From Class 1 to MS

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mines Labor Welfare Commissionerate has started a large-scale program (KP Mines Labor Scholarships) to help children whose parents are mines. There are scholarships available for boys and girls enrolled in different schools and institutes for the 2023–2024 academic years. These scholarships greatly help families in the mining sector and provide them with hope for their kids’ future education.

The program focuses on helping the next generation in succeeding by showing how education may help end the cycle of poverty and improve the lives of mining communities. Applying for these scholarships is possible via the Mines Labor Welfare Commissionerate website,, if you’re interested. Don’t forget to submit your online application by March 31, 2024 the deadline.

To enable everyone to apply they have made the process simple to understand. By offering these scholarships they hope to reduce financial burdens and facilitate the ability of children of mine workers to concentrate on their education and contribute positively to society.

Eligibility criteria of KP Mines Labor Scholarships:

  • Applying are children of miners in classes one to master’s.
  • Applying students may also be those enrolled in government professional institutions in engineering or medicine.
  • You are qualified if you rank among the top 50 students in any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.
  • Children from mining households with disabilities enrolled in special education program are also eligible to apply.

How to Apply for KP Mines Labor Scholarships 2024:

  1. Register yourself by visiting the Mining Labor Department’s website at
  2. After registering, provide your child’s academic information and other details on the scholarship form.
  3. Print the scholarship application and registration form.
  4. Get the head of the educational institution and the leaseholder’s signatures and stamps on the forms.
  5. Attached certified duplicates of the Identity Card, Schedule A, and an attestation certificate with the leaseholder’s signature and stamp.
  6. Along with the form, attach a certified copy of the student’s DMC (DMC) that displays their marks from the previous class.

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Terms and Condition:

  1. Remember to include all the documents they ask for with your application. Don’t forget any.
  2. Just apply once for each child for this school year. They won’t take more than one.
  3. Make sure everything you write on the form is correct. If not, the father might have to pay back double the scholarship money spent.
  4. You have to sign up on the website before applying. If you don’t, your application won’t count.
  5. To apply, you need to fit the definition of a worker according to the law.
  6. Each miner can only ask for help for one kid.
  7. Kids in Prep and Nursery classes can’t apply.
  8. Note: If you’re stuck or confused, just call the offices during work hours. They’ll help you.

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Last Date of KP Mines Labor Scholarships 2024:

  • Don’t forget to submit your online application by March 31, 2024 the deadline.

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FAQs about KP Mines Labor Scholarships From Class 1 to MS:

Who is eligible to apply for the KP Mines Labor Scholarships?

Students in government engineering or medical schools, the top 50 students in any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, children with disabilities from mining homes enrolled in special education program, and children of miners from classes one through master's are also eligible.

How can I apply for the KP Mines Labor Scholarships 2024?

To apply, register on, fill out the scholarship form with your child's academic details, print and get forms signed by school authorities and leaseholder, attach required documents, and submit with the student's previous class marks.

What are the terms and conditions for applying for these scholarships?

Include all necessary documents, apply once per child annually, provide accurate information, register on the website, meet worker definition, limit one child per miner, exclude Prep and Nursery classes, and seek assistance during office hours if needed.

What is the last date of KP Mines Labor Scholarships 2024?

The last date for applications is March 31, 2024.

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