Kohat University (KUST) Admission 2023

Kohat University (KUST) Admission 2023 is open and the courses for which you can apply are some categories which we have seen from advertising aid and we have mentioned them. They are also given below on advertisement aid.

  1. B.ED degree in Education
  2. B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Microbiology
  3. BBA (H) degree in Business Administration
  4. BCS (H) degree in Computer Science
  5. BS degree in Forestry
  6. BS degree in Criminology
  7. BS degree in Finance & Accounting
  8. BS degree in Economics
  9. BS degree in Tourism & Hospitality
  10. BS degree in Mathematics
  11. BS degree in Environmental Sciences
  12. BS degree in Political Science
  13. BS degree in Software Engineering
  14. BS degree in Journalism & Mass Communication
  15. BS degree in Emerging Care Technology
  16. BS degree in Zoology
  17. BS degree in Disaster Management
  18. BS degree in Geophysics
  19. BS degree in Human Diet & Nutrition
  20. BS degree in Biochemistry
  21. BS degree in Chemistry
  22. BS degree in Botany
  23. BS degree in Philosophy
  24. BS degree in Law
  25. BS degree in Medical Laboratory Technology
  26. BS degree in Physics
  27. BS degree in Pakistan Studies
  28. BS degree in Islamic Studies
  29. BS degree in Sociology
  30. BS degree in Nursing
  31. BS degree in Statistics
  32. BS degree in Biotechnology & Genetic
  33. BS degree in Social Work
  34. BS degree in Psychology
  35. BS degree in English
  36. BS degree in Development Studies
  37. DPT degree in Physical Therapy
  38. PHARM.D degree in Pharmacy

KUST stands for Kohat University of Sciences and Technology and it is included in the top ranking university of Pakistan and is ranked 22nd in the general category of HEC.

It is also the best opportunity for those students who want to get admission in college and university level by visiting its main website and their advertisement. You can apply by following the date given in the advertisement aid.

This is Kohat University of Sciences and Technology, it is  located in  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, within Kohat district. It was started in 2001 and its main purpose was to give all students learning phase and professional field experience . Those who are students there, especially those people belong to Kohat District.

The first vice-chancellor of the university was Prof. Dr. Sher Ali Shah Shinwari .

Last Date Kohat University (KUST) Admission 2023:

Last date to apply for Kohat University of Sciences and Technology is October 2, 2023.

How to Apply For Kohat University (KUST) Admission 2023:

You can apply by following its date and the rest of the procedure how to apply its eligibility criteria means all the interested applicants are informed that admissions are open in Kuat university.

And they can submit their form through online application, the application process is also mentioned on their advertisement ad, they are interested applicants, they go to their main website (http://admissions.kohat.edu.pk/). Visit if need more information then they have to visit the Admission Office of Kohat University.

To apply directly Click here.

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Kohat University (KUST) Admission 2023


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