Imran Riaz Khan Arrested Again – Facing the Law Once More

Lahore: Imran Riaz Khan, a senior Pakistani journalist, has been arrested at his home in Lahore, his brother Usman told. Imran Riaz, known for his contrarian views and unflinching support for PTI founder Imran Khan, was arrested in a private housing society near Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Area in Lahore.

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Video recordings circulating online show police trucks escorting the journalist, and has been presented in-front of court later today. The journalist’s family, coworkers, and internet community are concerned about his arrest. Expressions of concern flooded social media networks, with his name swiftly reaching to the top of the trending section on Twitter, which is now experiencing interruptions.

Imran Riaz Khan was arrested just hours after the FIA summoned him as part of an inquiry into an anti-judiciary campaign that was circulating on numerous social media sites.

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This is yet another incident of legal difficulties for the Pakistani journalist, who has previously faced similar situations. In 2023, he was detained and went absent for over four months.