Heavy Snowfall | Tourists are Prohibited from Entering Murree

The Tourists are banned from entering Murree due to heavy snowfall. There are News about road congestion brought on by thousands of visitors after significant snowfall at the hill station, Murree authorities have prohibited the entry of new tourists.

When power shortages and a lack of snow removal equipment made the road conditions worse, the tourists in Murree faced even more challenges.

The long lines of cars on the roads leading from Rawalpindi, Islamabad to the hilly parts of Murree and its environs prompted the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad to issue an order restricting the entry of new tourists into the town.

The police have blocked two-way traffic on a number of major thoroughfares, including Kashmir Point, Mall Road, Guldana Road, and others, in an attempt to improve traffic flow. A traffic control room has been constructed by the district administration to provide 24/7 assistance to the public.

The administration’s decision to prohibit tourist admission into Murree starting on “17 Meel” due to the heavy snowfall was announced by the deputy commissioner of Islamabad in a post on X.

“Murree management was reviewed prior to the decision being made. Visitors will be able to access Murree after the rush has passed”, the DC continued.

Thousands of tourists flocked the hill station due to heavy snowfall in Murree, causing criticism for the civil administration, especially the roadways and WAPDA departments.

Traffic gridlock on Murree’s main thoroughfares was caused by tardy preparations for snow removal. Numerous government vehicles became unusable on the sides of the road due to their inefficiency.

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