Government Raises Fuel Prices | Check Petrol & Diesel Prices on 1st February in Pakistan

Breaking News! Pakistani Caretaker Government Raises Fuel Prices. The government has approved an increase in petrol prices by 13 rupees and 55 paise per litre. The Federal Ministry of Finance has published a notice addressing the revision of petroleum product pricing.

According to the announcement, approval has been issued for a 13 rupee and 55 paise per liter hike in petrol prices. Following this permission, the new petrol price per litre is 272 rupees and 89 paise.

The diesel price has been allowed to rise by 2 rupees and 75 paise per litre. Following the increase, the new price of diesel per litre is 278 rupees and 96 paise.

After a 24 paise drop, the current price for kerosene oil is 186 rupees and 62 paise per liter.

The new price of light diesel oil, which has increased by 2 rupees and 3 paise, is 166 rupees and 86 paise a litre.

Fuel Price Hike New Price
Petrol 13.55 ₨/L 272.89 ₨/L
Diesel 2.75 ₨/L 278.96 ₨/L
Kerosene Oil -0.24 ₨/L 186.62 ₨/L
Light Diesel Oil 2.03 ₨/L 166.86 ₨/L

The Prime Minister in charge has approved the increased petroleum rates.

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Pakistan Government Raises Fuel Prices Latest Notification

Check Petrol & Diesel Prices on 1st February in Pakistan