Google Messages Introduces Parental Control Feature

According to reports, Google is developing a new tool for its messaging service, Google Messages, that will let parents view their kids’ messages before they send them.

As noted by PiunikaWeb, this was located in a marker associated with the new functionality in a recent version of Google Messages.

This feature is thought to be in the early phases of development since further information regarding its functionality and deployment is anticipated in the next few days.

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But as of right now, Google Messages parental control feature is inactive and its precise operation is still unknown.

As reported in version 20240416_00_RC01, parental controls will allow parents to prevent their children from sending messages unless permission is given.

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A notification stating: To send, ask your parent’s permission will appear in the event of unapproved conversations.

It is believed that Google’s Family Link program manages the parental controls in Google Messages, which are applied to individual contacts. It is also expected that the controls will apply to both RCS and SMS messages.

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