Fully Funded | SBW Berlin Scholarship in Germany 2024

Fully Funded SBW Berlin Scholarship in Germany 2024. To be eligible for the fully-funded fellowship in Europe you must have a strong academic background be involved with a non-profit organization in your home country and show an interest in social commitment and project creation.

Additionally candidates should have a clear knowledge of their professional goals and demonstrate a desire to continue their education beyond the completion of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

By actively participating in project meetings and workshops the SBW Berlin Scholarship for International Students will assist you in developing your professional and personal abilities. Additionally, you will get knowledge on how to create project reports and presentations.

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You will be expected to improve your country’s social dynamic and bring about advances after gaining the necessary skills throughout your time there in Germany.

International students can study science, society, and the arts in Germany with scholarships. You may be chosen for the Berlin scholarship program based on your personality, work history, academic standing, and need for financial assistance. Considering that the full scholarship will provide all advantages you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to apply and secure a spot there.

Host Country and Institute:

Host Country: Germany
Host Institute: SBW Berlin

Funding Duration:

  • The SBW Berlin Scholarship may be funded for a maximum of 48 months.

Benefits of SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024 in Europe:

  • The selected candidate will be granted access to a furnished room in a shared Berlin apartment or flat.
  • The candidate receives a living allowance of Euro 480 per month.
  • Under the scholarship, the tuition is paid.
  • Allowance for travel expenses both to and from the home country to Berlin before the start of the course and after it is over.

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Eligibility Criteria for SBW in Germany 2024:

  1. It appears that you are not a citizen of the United States.
  2. You should be in the age range of 18 to 30.
  3. It is required that you have prior experience working for nonprofit or social sector organizations.
  4. Before applying for the scholarship, you cannot have lived in Germany for longer than 18 months.
  5. You have to have met the requirements to enter the university.
  6. You must be a citizen of the nation in which development help is needed.
  7. To continue your studies in Germany, you need a valid student visa.
  8. It is required that you have not received any previous scholarships in Germany.
  9. To be considered, you must be prepared to work for at least 18 months following graduation in your own country.
  10. You have to be one of the low-income groups.
  11. A minimum grade of 2.0 is required, commensurate with German academic standards.
  12. Additionally, your family member shouldn’t live in Germany permanently.
  13. The application proving your enrollment at the German university is required.


How to Apply in Germany for the SBW Berlin Scholarship?

  • Before any other activity, students must submit a recommendation letter.
  • You will receive the connection to the application portal once you have thoroughly read the letter of recommendation.
  • You must complete the personal information form.
  • You will then need to submit the specifics of your work history.
  • Complete the necessary fields.
  • Upload the required files.
  • Send in the application after carefully filling it out.
  • See the Scholarship Guidelines for further information on the application procedure.


Required Documents for the 2024 SBW German Scholarships:

  • Form of application.
  • A 2-to 5-page project description is the minimal need.
  • A recommendation letter.
  • Evidence of eligibility for admission to a university.
  • Evidence of the net household income.
  • Previous certifications that show your academic standing.
  • Previous academic degrees, displaying grades.
  • language credential, under which you will further your education.
  • confirmation of admission from Potsdam or Berlin’s University of Applied Sciences.
  • Achievement logs.
  • Previous employment.
  • A passport copy.
  • Copy of student visa.
  • Evaluation report indicating the switch to the German grading scheme for grades.

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Germany 2024 SBW Berlin Scholarship Selection Criteria:

Phase 1: Carefully examine the recommendation letter before determining whether to grant the candidate access to the site.

Phase 2: Examine the application form, the candidate’s grades, and their financial situation with great attention.

Phase 3: A video or interview A conference is held to assess the candidate’s suitability.


Timeline for the SBW Berlin Scholarship:

  • Applications are accepted all year long as well.