Fly Jinnah Gets Approval to Operate Flights to Muscat

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has approved Fly Jinnah a growing affordable carrier to start flying operations from two principal airports in Pakistan marking a noteworthy milestone.

Fly Jinnah has been permitted to run two weekly flights from Muscat to Islamabad and three weekly flights between Karachi and Muscat starting on May 2.

This certification highlights the airline’s dedication to offering reasonably priced air travel options in the area and represents a significant step forward in its expansion strategy.

Fly Jinnah, owned and run as a joint venture between the Pakistani Lakson Group and the United Arab Emirates Air Arabia Group has gained momentum in the aviation industry.

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With its main office in Karachi, the airline has positioned itself as an affordable travel option to meet the growing need for easily accessible air travel. Fly Jinnah now offers flights to five domestic locations in Pakistan, promoting accessibility and connectedness for visitors from all over the nation.

Fly Jinnah’s journey began on October 31, 2022 when its domestic flight operations were launched. Departing from the busy Jinnah International Airport in Karachi the maiden flight marked the beginning of an exciting new era in Pakistan’s aviation history.

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From that point on Fly Jinnah has steadily grown and expanded gradually establishing a position in the very competitive airline sector. In October 2023, after a year of successful domestic operations, Fly Jinnah received much needed permission from the Pakistani government to expand its operations to international flights.

This crucial choice allowed Fly Jinnah to link with locations outside of Pakistan and extend its reach. As a reflection of its goal to promote regional connectivity the airline’s international routes include a wide range of destinations including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Fly Jinnah recently celebrated the opening of its second international route, which connects Sharjah and Lahore. This significant event strengthens the airline’s global presence and comes soon after its first flight from Islamabad to Sharjah just one month prior.

With its growing network and steadfast dedication to dependability and affordability, Fly Jinnah is well-positioned to forge a path toward steady expansion and become a significant force in the world of aviation.