FBR Warns Non-Filers | FBR to Suspend SIMs Across Pakistan: Sources

Today’s news about non-filers reveals that the FBR is taking stricter action. This is reportedly driven by IMF conditions for securing crucial funding for the Pakistani people’s survival. The IMF is setting conditions related to tax compliance, prompting the FBR’s crackdown on non-filers. According to sources, FBR would suspend non-filers’ SIM cards nationwide.

Hundreds of thousands of non-filers have received final notifications from the FBR officials, warning them of dire repercussions such as gas and electricity disconnections and mobile sim suspension starting on January 15, 2024.

According to sources, 145 district tax officers nationwide have been given “special powers” to include 1.5 million additional individuals in the tax net for this fiscal year.

Pakistan received $700 million right away after a financial agreement got approved. This brings the total amount they’ve gotten to $1.9 billion.

According to sources, the FBR would take tough measures against taxpayers who don’t pay their taxes. Following sustained efforts by Army Chief General Asim Munir and acting Finance Minister Shamshad Akhtar, the IMF executive board approved the proposal.

When the $3 billion IMF program expires in the second week of April 2024, about $1.8 billion of it will be unpaid. The Fund delivered its initial payment of $1.2 billion in July.

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