Faysal Bank Announces 5th Year Support to Pakistan Marathon for Special Olympics

Come join us in Karachi for a special event backed by Faysal Bank, promoting fairness and kindness while welcoming everyone, including those with disabilities. With 2,000 attendees, including 300+ with special needs, let’s unite for inclusivity and support each other’s dreams.

The bank has been the main sponsor of this event for the last five years. Additionally, to working to advance justice and equality in society, it aims to promote kindness and embrace of individuals with disabilities.

Established as one of Karachi’s major social projects, this event is hosted every year to promote unity, empower people, and bring attention to the importance of equal participation for those with special needs. The event, which took place at Emaar Pakistan, received 2,000 participants from all backgrounds, including more than three hundred people with conditions.

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Mr. Hussain said, “Being healthy, having differences, and accepting everyone are important in our Islamic beliefs,” when he talked to the participants. Today, we are happy to help people live healthier lives and create friendly places where everyone feels welcome, regardless of who they are.

“It is my hope that our network will continue to support people with unique wishes as they progress towards success,” he said, adding that “their participation shows their stamina and courage.”

SOP Chairperson Ronak Lakhani thanked the Special Olympics Pakistan team for promoting unity throughout the previous nine years. Praising the partnership between people with disabilities and the general public, she expressed pleasure to Mr. Yousaf Hussain, President & CEO of Faysal Bank, for his consistent backing throughout the years.

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