Fauji Foundation Scholarships 2024 Download Application Form

The Fauji Foundation Educational Stipend Scheme (FFES) provides financial aid to children of retired military members, covering various academic levels and vocational education (Fauji Foundation Scholarships). With a history since 1954, it supports educational goals and invests in human capital, aiding thousands of students annually. Prospective candidates should apply before May 31, 2024, for access to vital instructional support.

The Fauji Foundation Educational an allowance Programme (FFES) is a financial aid programme that helps children of retired military members, such as pilots, sailors, and soldiers, in covering their educational expenses. This programme offers support to college students in a range of academic levels, including courses 1 from 10, high school, and four- to five-year undergraduate programmes. Moreover, it includes people who currently take classes in vocational education, displaying participation across different academic paths.

The FFES has been an aspect of the Fauji Foundation’s mission to academic welfare since its founding in 1954. It has grown over time into a crucial pathway for promoting academic fairness and accessibility. This programme benefits a full-size wide range of college students each year, displaying its ongoing value and effect within the realm of education.

The FFES’s continuous commitment to supporting army households’ educational goals is what has made it so that lasts. It guarantees that children of retired military people have equal opportunity to succeed in their educational goals by reducing the financial burden connected with schooling. Also, the plan’s capacity highlights the foundation’s continuous commitment to promote social progress and educational empowerment.

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During the past academic year, the FFES showed its concrete impact by providing financial aid to about 13,131 students, totaling Rs. 163.422 million. The foundation’s aggressive commitment to investing in human capital and promoting successful academic effects is highlighted by this major contribution.

Since May 31, 2024, the FFES application deadline draws near, prospective candidates are advised to take advantage of this chance to gain access to vital instructional support. Through enabling access to education, the FFES not only empowers individual students but also advances the larger social objective to build a skilled and competent population prepared for success in the modern global marketplace.

Fauji Foundation Scholarships Categories:


  • Students enrolled in Intermediate / DAE programs.
  • Minimum requirement: 80 percent on a Matriculation examination.


  • Students in undergraduate degree programs lasting between 4 and 5 years.
  • Minimum requirement: 80% marks in FA/FSc exams.


  • Students enrolled in Cadet Colleges.
  • Applicable for Pre-Matric Classes.


  • Students enrolled in training 1 to 10.

Fauji Foundation Stipend and Scholarship Calendar:

Event Group-I Group-II Group-III Group-IV
Receiving of Applications at P&I Dept 1 Nov to 31 May 1 Nov to 31 May 1 Jan to 30 Jun 1 Apr to 30 Jun
Payment of Stipends Jul to Sep Jul to Sep Jul to Sep Jul to Sep

Eligibility Criteria for FFES Scholarships:

Students who are studying at schools or colleges that are officially recognized and approved can apply for the Fauji Foundation scholarship if they meet the following requirements.

  • For Students in Class I and Above:
  • Children of passed away or handicapped soldiers of the armed forces.
  • Specialised or disabled children of former military men.
  • Children of all normal ex-service personnel from Class IX onwards.
  • Special or disabled children are eligible for a stipend upon promotion to the next higher class, regardless of their marks.
  • Students can apply for a stipend starting from the day after their father/mother’s SOS (separation or death from service).
  • A maximum of three children of a normal ex-serviceman can receive a stipend in one session (in addition to special or disabled children). However, there is no limit on the number of children for Martyrs, disabled, or deceased ex-servicemen.

How to apply for Fauji Foundation Scholarships?

  1. The application form can be downloaded by paying Rs. 6.00 at the Fauji Foundation Head Office in Rawalpindi, the Fauji Foundation Welfare Projects, or the District Armed Services Board locations. Additionally, you can download the form from the Fauji Foundation website for free or click on the link below.
  2. Make sure you accurately and completely fill out each section of the form using capital letters. Each part of the form is necessary, therefore leave nothing empty. Now, incomplete forms won’t be common. Make sure you carefully read and follow all the instructions on the form.
  3. Reminder that you must submit a utility for the scholarship every year. Therefore, to be eligible for the scholarship, ensure you submit your application earlier than the cut-off date every year.

Click Here to Download Fauji Foundation Scholarships Form

Required Documents for FF Scholarships:

It is necessary to attach copies of the following, properly verified documents, with the application.

For Fresh Candidates:

  1. Your release order or discharge certificate, or that of your father or mother.
  2. If you’re receiving a disability pension, you must attach a copy of your pension book, properly attested.
  3. Your mother’s or father’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  4. Your own CNIC or a NADRA-issued Form ‘B’.
  5. The death certificate or disability certificate of your father or mother, if applicable.
  6. If a disabled student is attending a regular school, the Disability Certificate from the District Disability Assessment Board or Fauji Foundation Hospital/Centre is acceptable. However, medical certificates from ordinary practitioners will not be accepted.
  7. Post-Matric Details Marks Certificates (DMCs), properly verified by the principal of your present school, the Assistant/Deputy Director DASB, or a Commissioned Officer (Retired or Serving).
  8. The downloaded copy must be attested by the Head of Department/Principal.
  9. A copy of your admission/student card, properly attested by the Principal/Dean, should be attached to the Stipend form. Additionally, a certificate of the institution’s affiliation with the registered university should also be attached.

For Completed / Upcoming Session:

A certified copy of your detailed marks certificate from the previous class and an application for support.
Ensure that all required institutions have properly attested the updated stipend application.

Fauji Foundation Scholarships 2024 Last Date:

Prospective candidates should apply before May 31, 2024, for access to vital instructional support.

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