EzBike Electron: The Affordable Future of Electric Scooters in Pakistan | Latest Electric Scooter Prices In Pakistan

EzBike Electron is a revolutionary electric scooter with a battery swap station network, making it the perfect choice for eco-friendly and convenient urban mobility in Pakistan.


The landscape of sustainable transportation in Pakistan has undergone a revolutionary change with the recent introduction of ezBike’s Battery Swap Station Network and its cutting-edge electric scooter, the Electron. In this article, we will delve into the features, specifications, and the impact of this groundbreaking initiative on the urban commuting scene in Pakistan.

The Electron – An Affordable Marvel:

In a move that blends affordability with innovation, ezBike’s Electron emerges as a premier electric scooter in Pakistan. Priced at Rs. 225,000, it aims to provide an economical yet sophisticated option for those looking to embrace electric mobility.

Speed and Range:

PriceRs. 225,000
Top speed65 kph
Range75 kilometers


Boasting a top speed of 65 kph, the Electron caters to the needs of urban commuters seeking swift and efficient transportation. With a commendable range of 75 kilometers, it stands as a reliable companion for daily commutes.

Specs & Features:

Battery typeLiFePo4
Charging time2 hours with home charger
Tires10-inch tubeless
Braking systemRegenerative anti-lock

Powerful Motor and Efficient Battery
The Electron is powered by a robust 2000-watt motor and features a LiFePo4 battery type, ensuring a potent and eco-friendly ride. The inclusion of a home charger makes recharging a breeze, taking only 2 hours to provide a full charge.

Smooth Ride with Advanced Safety
The 10-inch tubeless tires contribute to a smooth and stable ride, while the regenerative anti-lock braking system enhances safety on the road. These features collectively position the Electron as a formidable player in the electric scooter market, combining performance with practicality.

The Game-Changer – Battery Swap:

Locations40 across twin cities
User-friendly approachLocate stations via ezSwap app
Swap processReturn depleted battery, receive fully charged
Initiative impactPromoting eco-friendly mobility alternatives and reducing carbon footprint

User-Friendly Approach
EzBike’s Battery Swap Station Network introduces a game-changing feature to the electric scooter experience. Users can effortlessly locate the nearest station using the ezSwap app, making the process both user-friendly and efficient.

Seamless Battery Exchange
At the swap station, users can return their depleted battery and receive a fully charged one in exchange. This innovative approach ensures a seamless and time-efficient experience, addressing one of the common concerns associated with electric vehicles.

Extensive Network
The Battery Swap Station Network spans 40 locations across the twin cities, offering an easily accessible and convenient solution for Electron scooter users. This expansive network contributes significantly to the promotion of eco-friendly mobility alternatives.

Promoting Eco-Friendly Mobility
In conclusion, ezBike’s the most recent efforts are a big step towards making electric transportation in Pakistan more sustainable and easy to use.. The Electron, coupled with the innovative Battery Swap Station Network, stands as a testament to the commitment to reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

Latest Electric Scooter Prices In Pakistan:

Electric ScooterPrice (Rs.)
ezBike Electron225,000
METRO T9 Electric Scooter E-bike260,000
MS Jaguar Electric Bike E-70 Supreme261,900
Electric Bike PE-70 D191,099
MS Jaguar Electric Bike E-125371,900
Electric scooty PES-70 L248,499
MS Jaguar Electric Bike E-70254,900
Evee C1 Pro Electric Scooter230,000
Electric scooty PES-70 D204,099
METRO LY Model (Super Bike) Electric Scooter E-bike155,000

EzBike Electron Price In Pakistan:

The ezBike Electron is priced at Rs. 225,000 in Pakistan.


EzBike’s Electron and Battery Swap Station Network mark a significant leap towards sustainable and accessible electric mobility in Pakistan. This groundbreaking initiative addresses the key challenges associated with electric vehicles, such as range anxiety and charging time.

The Electron’s affordable price, impressive range of 75 kilometers, and seamless battery exchange process make it a compelling choice for urban commuters.

The Battery Swap Station Network, with its extensive coverage of 40 locations across the twin cities, further enhances the convenience and practicality of electric mobility. EzBike’s commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of transportation is commendable, and its latest endeavors are poised to revolutionize the urban commuting scene in Pakistan.

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Important FAQs:

How long does Electron battery charging take?

The home charger allows a full recharge in just 2 hours, ensuring a quick turnaround for users.

What is the range of the Electron electric scooter?

The Electron offers a commendable range of 75 kilometers on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commutes.

How does the Battery Swap Station Network work?

Users can locate the nearest station through the ezSwap app, exchange their depleted battery for a charged one, ensuring a seamless experience.

What safety features does the Electron incorporate?

The Electron boasts a regenerative anti-lock braking system, enhancing safety on the road, making it a reliable choice for urban commuters.

How many locations does the Battery Swap Station Network cover?

The Battery Swap Station Network spans 40 locations across the twin cities, providing extensive coverage for Electron users.

What is the price of ezBike Electron in Pakistan

The ezBike Electron is priced at Rs. 225,000 in Pakistan.

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