Earthquake Emergency in Mindanao (Philippines)

The German Research Centre for Geo Science (GFZ) recorded a strong earthquake that struck Mindanao, Philippines, with an intensity of 5.6 and a length of 10 km. The Philippine Seismology Agency, on the other hand, recorded it at a depth of 27 km and a magnitude of 5.9.

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Both agencies issue warnings about possible aftershocks and advise locals to exercise safety despite differences in the data. In Maco town, Davao de Oro province, where a slip of the earth near a gold mine site had already caused major damage, an earthquake interrupted current rescue missions.

Earlier this week, there was a landslip involving a lot of deaths, including 28 deaths, 77 reported missing people, and 32 injuries. With the difficulties due to the heavy rainfall, which increased the risk of landslides and floods, searchers continue there.

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