Commonwealth Scholarships | HEC Deadline Approaching for Pakistani Students

Commonwealth Scholarship hopefuls from Pakistan, take note! Don’t miss out on the HEC deadline of October 24, 2023. Find out how to apply and what benefits await successful candidates. Exciting news for students from Commonwealth countries! The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) has this fantastic scholarship program that helps fund your dream of pursuing Masters and PhD degrees at UK universities. Fancy, right?

Now, if you’ve already applied for a Commonwealth Scholarship through the CSC portal, here’s a heads-up – you need to throw in another application through the Higher Education Commission (HEC) portal. Why? Because the HEC is the go-to team in Pakistan for picking candidates for these awesome Commonwealth Scholarships.

Circle this date on your calendar: the deadline for submitting your application to the HEC portal is October 24, 2023. Yep, that’s your D-day.

How to Apply for Commonwealth Scholarships:

Ready for action? To kick-start your application for a Commonwealth Scholarship via the HEC portal, you’ll need to create an account and fill out the online application form. Oh, and don’t forget to attach these documents:

  1. Copies of your academic transcripts and certificates
  2. A copy of your passport
  3. A copy of your CNIC
  4. A motivational letter (pour your heart out!)
  5. Two references (make them shine)

Click here to read more about its eligibility criteria:

Selection Process

Once you hit that submit button, your application takes a trip to the HEC headquarters for a thorough check-up. If you make it to the shortlist, you might get an invitation for a chat with some cool experts – the interview squad.

Now, here’s the exciting part – the final selection. The HEC bigwigs will base their decision on your academic skills, potential for research, and how you can contribute to the development of Pakistan. Impressive, right?

Benefits of Commonwealth Scholarships

Keep hold that hat—Commonwealth Scholarships have cool advantages, including

  1. Full tuition fees –
  2. A monthly stipend –
  3. Airfare –
  4. Visa costs –
  5. Health insurance –

Don’t Miss Out

Don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers! If a Commonwealth Scholarship is on your radar, mark October 24, 2023, as the day to wrap up your HEC application.

For more juicy details, head over to the HEC website:

Feel free to reach out if you have any burning questions or just need a virtual high-five. Best of luck, future scholars!

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