Bacha Khan University (BKU) admission 2023

Bacha Khan University (BKU) admission 2023 is now open, offering a variety of courses that we have highlighted in their admission advertisement. These courses are also listed in the admission advertisement below for your convenience.

  • B.ED degree in Education
  • B.Sc. [Hons] degree in Agriculture
  • BBA (H) degree in Business Administration
  • BS degree in Computer Science
  • BS degree in Islamic Studies
  • BS degree in Mathematics
  • BS degree in Physics
  • BS degree in Political Science
  • BS degree in Microbiology
  • BS degree in Botany
  • BS degree in Human Diet & Nutrition
  • BS degree in Pushto
  • BS degree in Biotechnology
  • BS degree in Data Science
  • BS degree in English
  • BS degree in Economics
  • BS degree in Finance & Accounting
  • BS degree in Chemistry
  • BS degree in Artificial Intelligence
  • BS degree in Geology
  • BS degree in Zoology
  • BSC (AGRI.) HON degree in Sociology
  • PHARM.D degree in Pharmacy

Last Date For Bacha Khan University (BKU) admission 2023 :

The deadline for applying to the Bacha Khan University (BKU) admission 2023 is 15 September 2023.

How to Apply to The Bacha Khan University (BKU) admission 2023 :

You can apply by adhering to the specified date and following the complete application procedure, including the eligibility criteria. This announcement informs all interested applicants that admissions are now open at Bacha Khan University (BKU).

And they can submit their form through the online application. The application process is also detailed in their admission advertisement. Interested applicants should visit their main website ( for more information. If they need further assistance, they should visit the Admission Office Bacha Khan University (BKU).

To apply directly, click here.

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Bacha Khan University (BKU) admission 2023