Attention Non-Filers | FBR Final Notice | Act Now to Avoid Mobile SIM and Electricity Disruptions!

Breaking News About the FBR Final Notice to suspend Mobile SIM and Electricity Connections:  Before blocking non-filers’ mobile SIM cards, phones, and utilities, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has sent final notices to them.

According to the Final Notice issued under section 114B to file the return, non-compliance results in disconnection of electricity, gas & mobile connections.

FBR Final Notice

Sources claim that the FBR is prepared to take severe action against those who do not file. The mobile SIM cards and phones of non-filers would be blocked in the first phase. The Income Tax General order will be issued by the FBR in this regard this month.

Additionally, the FBR is planning a plan to cut off non-filers’ gas and power connections. Up until recently, FBR has not had comprehensive information about non-filers’ electrical connections.

When reached, a senior FBR official stated that non-filers’ cell phones will be disabled for the duration of the current month. He did not, however, give a deadline for this action.

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